Friday, May 25, 2007


Today was Tori's birthday. One of the cool little presents she got was this neat doll that came with a dog. (Dogs are all the rage at our house these days ever since the girls saw Chestnut)

So, when Anna purchased this doll and dog set, she didn't realize that it came with dog food. And she didn't realize the dog can eat. Yup, you lift up the dog's tail, its head cocks to the left, the ears lift up, and the mouth opens so you can feed him. Yum! Neat!

Then.. we uh.. ahem, discovered what happens when you push the tail down:

Gross! Eww.. There's just something not right about this toy. But never fear. As it turns out the terds are made of metal, and the doll comes equiped with a handy dandy magnetic pooper scooper.

Cleanup is a snap. Simply pick up the doggie poop, place it into the included receptacle, and hit the magnetic release button to deposit the..ahem..deposit into the trash.

Further investigation reveals that this is no ordinary trash can. When you spin it around, it's obvious that this is a two piece trash can, but why?

Hey... it looks like this is a special recycling bin. When you split the trash can in two, you end up with a new bag of dog food!

The only thing the toy designer left out was the name of the dog food. It has good packaging, but it needs a good brand and slogan. Something like

Poopy Chow:
We turn your dog's emissions into their nutrition.

New Egg

I've purchased a lot of stuff over the last few years from Anna's been wanting to upgrade our digital camera from an older Canon Powershot A85 4 MP to a newer, smaller, higher MP model. Well, I decided to order her one for Mother's day, a FujiFilm A800. While it's smaller and easier to use, the pictures aren't that great. The optics apparently aren't as good as the Canon. Also, the video resolution is a joke, compared to our old 3 year old camera.

I've really been pleased with NewEgg and their service until now. They no longer accept returns on digital cameras. I didn't realize this when I purchased it. I think this may be my last NewEgg purchase.