Sunday, November 30, 2008

Kohls Bargains

Lately I've been driving Anna nuts with my mad shopping skills. We went to Kohls a few weeks ago because Anna was looking for some new tops. She dug around the women's section looking for stuff and I decided to give her some relief by taking the kids with me and exploring the rest of the store. I ran across a 90% off clearance rack in the men's section that was chock full of Docker's dress shirts. I ended up getting 20 shirts for about $100. Every chance I get, I have to remind her that after 10 years of working on me, she's finally made me realize by bargain shopping potential. :) She says it was just luck.

As it turns out, this wasn't a one time event. On Black Friday we ended up at Kohls again. While Anna and the kids were busy getting stuff for Christmas I wandered over to the kitchen section (I like to cook.) I've had my eye out for a set of omelet pans. A few years ago we bought a stainless steel set of pots and pans. I like them, but it takes a lot of patience and skill to use them to reliable produce good eggs because they're not non-stick.

I dug around for a while looking at hard-anodized cookware. I found these nice Food Network pans and realized they were marked down. 80% off! Yeah baby. So, I picked them up. I was even more surprised when I got up to the register and they rang up an extra percentage off of the clearance price. Here's Hope holding my $70 Food Network pans that I picked up for $11:

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ephtwoate said...

OK your good, and I mean good. Don't take it personal but I believe the Lord is blessing you above and beyond.

ephtwoate said...

update please

Sariah said...

How fun..! You really had a happy shopping day at Kohls.